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Max is born!

op 14 september om kwart na 6.
maar liefts 3.8 kg en 51.5 cm groot
een kanjer


Comrade Kim Goes Flying premiere at Toronto filmfestival

Ik kan met veel trots melden dat Comrade Kim Goes Flying, de internationale feature film waar ik de score voor schreef het zeer goed deed op het Toronto filmfestival. Hieronder de tekst van in het programmaboekje van Toronto.

Comrade Kim Goes Flying premiere


A young female coal miner struggles to realize her dream of becoming a circus acrobat in this winning, life-affirming fable that is the first Western-financed fiction feature ever made in North Korea.


A winning, life-affirming fable about a young coal miner’s pursuit of her dream to become an acrobat, Comrade Kim Goes Flying marks a milestone in film history: it is the first Western-financed fiction feature made entirely in North Korea. But this charming film wears its heavy historical mantle with grace, weaving a lovely, light-hearted tale whose themes — overcoming adversity, and realizing the dream of a lifetime—upend our assumptions of a largely cloistered culture.

Kim Yong-mi (Han Jong-sim) works as a coal miner in a small village. She dreams of one day joining the national circus and performing on the trapeze — despite the fact that she is deathly afraid of heights. When she is promoted and sent to the capital, Pyongyang, she seizes the opportunity to make her dream come true. Insinuating herself into the circus and struggling to overcome her acrophobia, Yong-mi meets Pak Jang-phil (Pak Chung-guk), the arrogant, good-looking star of the Pyongyang Trapeze Troupe. At first, Jang-phil makes fun of the congenitally klutzy Yong-mi. But eventually her beauty, endearing personality and unyielding determination win him over, and give him a valuable lesson in humility.

The team behind Comrade Kim Goes Flying — co-writer and co-director Nicholas Bonner, an Englishman based in Beijing who has long promoted cultural exchange with North Korea; his collaborator Kim Gwang-hun, a North Korean filmmaker; and Belgian filmmaker Anja Daelemans, who also served as co-producer — spent six years putting this unprecedented project together, overcoming numerous difficulties — not least the fact that their stars are actual circus acrobats who had never acted before. But the result is a gorgeously filmed romantic comedy that transports us to a fantastic world seemingly out of time, with astonishing, candy-coloured images of the seldom-seen North Korea.

Giovanna Fulvi


Directors: Anja Daelemans, Nicholas Bonner, Kim Gwang Hun
Countries: Belgium / North Korea / UK
Year: 2012
Language: Korean
Runtime: 83 minutes
Rating: PG
Producer: Anja Daelemans, Nicholas Bonner, Mi Hwa Ryom
Production Co.: KFEIC, Koryo Group, Korea April 25th Film Studio, Another Dimension of an Idea
Principal Cast: Jong Sim Han, Chung Guk Pak, Yong Ho Ri, Son Nam Kim, Kil Myong Han, Chang Sun An, Ik Sung Ri
Screenplay: Myong Sik Sin, Chol Kim
Cinematographer: Jin Sok Hwang
Editor: Alain Dessauvage, Yun Sim Kim, Bing Gao, Jia Ren
Sound: Frederik Van de Moortel, Pedro Van der Eecken, Yu Song Rim, Bong Chun Rim
Music: Chol Ham, Frederik Van de Moortel
Prod. Designer: Won Song Kim

de Filharmonie en Bert Joris

FOH van deFilharmonie op Digidesign

zo 09 september 2012 19:30

Sint-Jansplein, Antwerpen

Dirk Brossé

Het is niet de eerste keer dat jazztrompettist Bert Joris samen met deFilharmonie op het podium staat, en telkens is het weerzien even hartelijk. Dit keer brengt hij de Zuid-Afrikaanse jazzvocaliste Tutu Puoane mee en is heel Antwerpen uitgenodigd, want samen bouwen ze een feestje tijdens het jaarlijkse openluchtconcert. Verder is het Sint-Jansplein the place to be voor wie een voorproefje van het concertseizoen van deFilharmonie wel kan smaken. U aangeboden door het huis, gratis en voor niks!

Op de front dit keer een Digidesign Dshow met twee sidecars. zeer anders dan de Midas XL8 van vorig jaar, maar zeker heel fijn werken.
FOH mix Frederik Van de Moortel
partituren Bob Seghers
Systen Tech: Roel Snellebrand

waar Sint-Jansplein, Antwerpen
wanneer zo 09 september 12 – 19:30

Yuri mixed at Sakuran SD on Genelec 8240

Mixing calibrated on genelc 8240

Yuri, the feature film directed by Liesbeth Marit will get its audio post production make-over and final mix at the Sakuran Sound Design Facilities.

To meet with the demand of ever greater sonic accuratie, Frederik Van de Moortel, owner of Sakuran Sound Design chooses the digital Genelec 8240 as his new monitoring system.

FVdM: “After a long search, I decided to go with a brand I have been familiar with for over 10 years. I needed a way to calibrate my room fast, and get a great sonic responce and sound field for myself, but also for the extra seats in the room. With the speaker management system by Genelec, I was able to tune my speakers to my room, and to save multiple setups. One for when I am working alone, one for when I have visitors.”

Yuri is mixed on a budget, it proves that even fetaure films can be mixed in a small, but well equiped studio.

Yuri will premiere beginning of october in Belgica Dendermonde.

source: Mix magazine 09/2012