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Yuri mixed at Sakuran SD on Genelec 8240

Mixing calibrated on genelc 8240

Yuri, the feature film directed by Liesbeth Marit will get its audio post production make-over and final mix at the Sakuran Sound Design Facilities.

To meet with the demand of ever greater sonic accuratie, Frederik Van de Moortel, owner of Sakuran Sound Design chooses the digital Genelec 8240 as his new monitoring system.

FVdM: “After a long search, I decided to go with a brand I have been familiar with for over 10 years. I needed a way to calibrate my room fast, and get a great sonic responce and sound field for myself, but also for the extra seats in the room. With the speaker management system by Genelec, I was able to tune my speakers to my room, and to save multiple setups. One for when I am working alone, one for when I have visitors.”

Yuri is mixed on a budget, it proves that even fetaure films can be mixed in a small, but well equiped studio.

Yuri will premiere beginning of october in Belgica Dendermonde.

source: Mix magazine 09/2012


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