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Archief voor januari, 2014

The Education – Score & Sound design

Director: Klaartje Schrijvers
Producent(en): Klaartje Schrijvers
Co-producent(en): Lunanime
composer & sound designer: Frederik Van de Moortel
Genre: Animation

The Education is a film about a family facing an existential crisis. The girl, her sister, father and mother, …nobody goes unpunished in this spiral of self-destruction. The story, with at times pitch-black humor, drags us into a whirlpool of conflicts that trouble the family. Taboos are not avoided and that’s what makes these conflicts so identifiable.


a truly minimal musical sound design with a select sound pallet. Clear cut choices and not one note too much.

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Schipper Mag Ik Overvaren – score klaar



in tryout: De full score van het theaterstuk ‘Schipper Mag Ik Overvaren’,

Liedjes door Bruno De Grootte


tekst Eva Schram


binnen kort in CC Nona, Rataplan en Krokusfestival


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