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The Hangar by Eyas Al Mokdad


Doing sound design for this very intense short by my new friend Eyas. Just met eachother in a taxi in Aubagne in Mai and doing a film together in June! Look out for this one, it is a must see!!




Pantin wins La Guarimba


The amazing short of my student Timothée Crabbé wins La Guarimba International Film Festival. Couldn’t be happier for this fantastic film maker. Mark my words; we will be hearing from this guy. Also happy to be of some assistance in this film.

International Short Film Festival Oberhausen awarded Bloeistraat 11

Another one! International Short Film Festival Oberhausen awarded Bloeistraat 11 by Nienke Deutz as the best European Short Film for Children!59917477_2049356538507543_3064755690238115840_n

Bloeistraat 11 wint Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (ITFS)

Nienke did it again!! Bloeistraat 11 wint Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (ITFS) . Nog steeds trots de componist van dit prijsbeest geweest te zijn!Congratulations to Nienke!!


MIJN LABEL wint de ECFA Short Film Award op het Cinemira Festival in Boedapest!

So proud of my student Janne! She did an amazing job with this stop motion animated short. What an achievement for a 3d bachelor film! can’t wait to see her master film.

Glad to be able to help a tiny amount on the mix of this beautiful short!



Max & Umi Bloeistraat 11 recording session


2 wins for Bloeistraat 11 on Monstra Lisboa: ‘Jury Special Award’ and ‘Best Short Film Sound Track’ !!!


Composing for Lying Angel

Started composing for a new animation film by Geert Broele in a Kris Mergan Production. Geert has created a strange but familiar world. We follow a few archetypical characters over the centuries. Musically it is quite the challenge, combining my own work with Piazolla and Nicole and Hugo. Long story but you will get to hear it when it is finished.