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Löss wins Animaphix

Remember Löss? The animated medium metrage by Yi Zhao i did the sound design and score for finaly got the recognition it deserves at the Animaphix shortfilm festival. It was a very difficult film to produce, to animate, to sound design and to score, but i guess all that work paid off. Congrats to Yi (the director) , Geert (the animator) and Kris (the producer) for their hard work and perseverance.


Mixing Danny Elfman’s music from the films of Tim Burton


Don’t miss out on what will be a wonderful presentation of a genius collaboration in the history of film: Danny Elfman’s Music from the Films of Tim Burton. featuring a 140 musicians strong symphonic orchestra and projections of Tim Burton Artwork

 Coming to Brussels 30th of april!
 FOH mix: Frederik Van de Moortel

Gerontophobia- composition and sound design

Almost there!


after a year or more of sketching, composing, orchestration and designing the sounds for this utopian parallel world Boris Sverlov has created, we have finished mixing.

A true vertical arrangement, loads of designed sounds, theremin, analog synths and a big score; strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion and ‘extras’…

I am very excited about this one, can’t wait for it to hit the theatres…

12888702_805120236261214_3613874690077885479_oIn a utopian society, where science desperatly tries to find a cure for aging, something goes terribly wrong. A toxic cloud escapes and everything in its wake slowly dies. On an evacuating airship, overloaded with young people, a pregnant woman hijacks the helm and descends back into the dangerous gas in an attempt to save her abandoned lover.

Facebook: Gerontophobia

<p><a href=”″>Gerontophobia_Trailer</a&gt; from <a href=”″>BorisSverlow</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

‘Tank’ animated short by Raoul Servais world premiere Filmfest Gent

Een vrije interpretatie van de eerste tankaanval in WOI, waarbij de traumatische ervaring van de de loopgravensoldaten en de tankbemanning wordt beschreven. Sound design en Composition: Frederik Van de Moortel, Foley: Elias Verveken

Raoul et moi @ Studio L'Equipemix @ studio L'Equipe


RAOUL SERVAIS (1928): Harbor Lights (1959, short), The False Note (1963, short), November Diversion (1963, short), Chromophobia (1966, short), Sirene (1968, short), Goldframe (1970, short), Operation X-70 (1971, short), To Speak or Not to Speak (1972, short), Pegasus (1974, short), Harpya (1979, short), Die schöne Gefangene (1982, short), Taxandria (1994, short), Nocturnal Butterflies (1997, short), Atraksion (2001, short), Winter Days (2003), Tank (2015).



regisseur: Raoul Servais
producent: Annemie Degryse
scenario: Raoul Servais
geluidsontwerp en compositie: Frederik Van de Moortel

productiehuis: Lunanime Productie
Distributeur: NV Lumiere Publishing


dialoog: Engels
duur: 6 minuten
land: België
jaar: 2015


klank: Dolby Digital SRD
formaat: DCP
kader: 16/9
FPS: 24

Löss – compositie en sounddesign

nieuwe, extreem mooie, maar intense medium metrage animatiefilm van Yi Zhao. Ik neem de sound design, compositie en mix voor mijn rekening.

Veel aardse klanken in de sound design en oosterse elementen zoals erhu, guzhen en metaalpercussie in de score.


The Duck Variations in premiere 13/01/2015

First premiere of 2015. A classic theatre play from 1972, composition and sound design by me.