Site of sound designer and composer Frederik Van de Moortel



My small butt very well equipped studio in the historical centre of Antwerp Belgium.

In this day, workflow have drastically changed, deadline are becoming more and more ‘flexible’ and film makers ask more and more of sound, editorial, composition and sound design.

To meet the demands I have upgraded my little workspace to the highest possible standard. Computer power outrun most postproduction houses, track count is almost incredible. Monitoring is flawless and workflow is ultra high speed.

A 40 fader AvUnknown-1id D-command ES dominates the room and controls the Pro Tools HD rig in the machine room.


The Genelec 8240 surround monitoring system is all digital, and is digitally calibrated eliminating acoustical problems.


RTW TM7 touch monitor loudness radar


Sound design and mix rig:

Mac Pro 2012 12-core Westmere with 80 gb Ram , 1Tb SSD and 3x 2Tb WD black

running Pro Tools 11 HD.


20 Tb drobo in raid 5.