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Blazhko Ensemble live @ STUK Leuven

Wednesday 17/5 – 7 p.m. Live Concert

Blazhko Ensemble is; Katrien Kolenberg (Cello) Frederik Van de Moortel (Hybrid bass and electronics) and Marc Horemans (Graphic score)

‘The Blazhko veil’ is the result of an interdisciplinary collaboration between Marc Horemans, Katrien Kolenberg, Frederik Van de Moortel and Ehsan Moravveji. They were inspired by astronomical research, more specifically by the registered data of the RR Lyrae variable stars. The scientists and the artists directed their attention towards the Blazhko effect of these data. Up until this day the effect can be understood as a primary form of disruption and chaos. Perhaps a better understanding of our existence is hidden in the effect. The close collaboration between artists and scientists led to a scientifically oriented audiovisual installation. The three entities; science, image and sound confronted each other and resulted in a sensory contribution to the astronomical discourse. The interrelated media or practices blur the lines between the factual and the longed for because if one intends to measure themselves against the cosmos, one appeals to reason and to intuition, to the factual and to the fictional, to the objective and the subjective.